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Jumi is a one-stop shop for transforming any space into a vibrant reflection of the season or imbuing it with timeless style. As a manufacturer and importer, they offer a comprehensive product catalog encompassing everything from Christmas baubles to Easter baskets, Halloween costumes to chic home furnishings.

About Company

The company goes beyond simply supplying products. They are a trendsetter in the world of home and garden design, constantly innovating to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Their commitment extends to providing professional advice and ensuring the perfect product placement and presentation within your store. Jumi’s dedication to smooth logistics and trend analysis makes them a reliable and valued partner.

Jumi Product Range

Jumi’s extensive product catalog caters to a wide range of aesthetics and functionalities. From heart-warming Easter decorations to enchanting Christmas illuminations, their collections boast something for every taste and budget. Their centrally located logistics center in Pabianice, spanning over 16,000 square meters, guarantees prompt delivery, ensuring shelves remain stocked and seasonal displays are always on point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Jumi’s product range? This supplier offers a comprehensive selection of products for various occasions and décor needs, including:

  • Christmas decorations, ornaments, and illuminations 
  • Easter decorations, baskets, eggs, and plush toys
  • Halloween costumes, accessories, and decorations
  • Home furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas
  • Office furniture for workstations, meeting rooms, and reception areas
  • Garden furniture, including seating sets, hammocks, and trampolines
  • Artificial flowers for indoor and outdoor décor
  • Toys and playthings for children

Where can I find Jumi products? The company’s products are widely available in major retail chains across Poland. You can also find a comprehensive selection of Jumi products on their online store.

What are delivery times? Jumi’s efficient logistics network ensures prompt deliveries. Standard delivery times vary depending on your location and order size. Please refer to the shipping information on their website for specific details.

Does Jumi offer international shipping? Yes, this company offers international shipping to select countries. Please contact their customer service team for more information on international shipping rates and policies.

How can I contact Jumi customer service? Jumi’s customer service team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns. You can reach them by phone, email, or live chat through their website.

Can I become a Jumi reseller? Yes, Jumi offers reseller opportunities for businesses interested in carrying their products. Please visit their website or contact their sales team for more information on becoming a Jumi reseller.